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Love your parents. Before it's too late and regrets.


I decide to post this and need to spread this words, i think this topic is so important, why? because i was on phone with my mom and she tells me everything about her feelings, the feels being ignored, being forgotten and being alone, but she didn’t cried when she’s told me about that.
I’ve been…

Next to GOD, thy Parents.

Ephesians 6:1



Goodmorniiiing…………..sorry too loud :D
I have the BEST mood today and nothing can makes me down :)

This august i will traveling around Malang (East Java) and Jogjakarta (Central Java) with my besties and my family !!! after that i will stay at Surabaya (East Java) and make a new adventure life! yipiiiee…. :D
new atmosphere, new peoples, new partner at works (i got job transfer from company i work), new friends and old friends (since i’m born and raised in there but then move in here in the middle of my 19), and….new home!

WHOOOP WHOOPP can’t wait anymore… :D


to Surabaya with plane,


to Malang with car,

to Jogjakarta with train!

please bless us for this traveling, hopefully enjoy and safe :)

- Theresia

DIY Farewell Invitation


3weeks more i will move to new place, before i go i decide to make a farewell dinner with my girls (only girls).
Then i give a farewell invitation for them,
here’s the invitation i made:



After finished the design of the pattern like what i want, i print on thick paper and i grab all this…

The JoC

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Let’s pray for the crew and passengers of flight and their love ones.